Vision – Cooling with the existing heating system

Theoretical investigations have shown that a significant cooling effect can be achieved both with panel heating systems and with radiators. Therefore, space cooling with the existing heating system is possible if room temperature control is accepted instead of comfort temperature control. For this purpose, cold water is passed through the heating system. The intensity of the temperature conditioning increases with rising room temperature.
In addition to reducing the room temperature, there are other cooling effects that escape conventional evaluation options. This includes the formation of a cold-air lake. Heat sources (e.g., persons) are cooled directly as the resulting buoyant flow absorbs heat loads and dissipates them toward the ceiling. Cooling via radiators requires a comparatively high temperature level of the cooling medium (> 12 ° C) and a continuous operation of the system during the cooling period. This can significantly increase the utilization of trigeneration by using a combined heat and power system (CHP). The use of soil, subsoil water or deeper inland water layers as heat sinks is very cost-effective and resource-saving, if heat pump solutions without compressor operation are used.