Partners – Joint implementation

The project is carried out at the TU Dresden within the Chair of Building Energy Systems and Heat Supply (GEWV), funded by the Project Management Jülich (PtJ) and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi).

Partners of the project are the State Enterprise Saxon Real Estate and Construction Management (SIB), the Kermi GmbH and the Ohra Energie GmbH. The project is supported by partners with excellent expertise in the practice of planning and management of buildings, in the development of radiators/heatsinks with the associated control systems and cooling machines, as well as in the field of energy supply.

The state-owned Saxon real estate and construction management (SIB) professionally manages the entire life cycle of all real estate owned by the Free State of Saxony and optimizes the existence and utilization structure of state-owned properties. This includes the planning and execution of construction projects, the management and partly the operation of the properties. The Dresden II branch is responsible for higher education institutions in the administrative district of Dresden and for support measures.

Kermi GmbH belongs to Arbonia Group and is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe in the field of heating technology and domestic ventilation. In this segment, KERMI serves the entire range from heat generation and storage through distribution and control to heat transfer with innovative products. The company’s innovative power is evidenced by the extraordinarily successful launch of the x2 technology in the area of panel radiators and the launch of the Kermi system x-optimised.

Ohra Energie GmbH is a regional energy supply company based in Thuringia with its own natural gas supply network. The company also acts as a power and heat supplier. Ohra Energie GmbH supports the resource-saving use of various energy sources with innovative concepts. Ohra Energie GmbH is focused on energy contracting and this involves the support of natural gas-driven and electric-driven vehicles.